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Mgr. Pavlína Volfová

Managing Partner
Main focus – Medical Technologies & Diagnostics

Ing. Zuzana Kovářová

Managing Partner
Main focus – Innovative Pharma

We source and select seasoned professionals and high potential candidates

We source and select seasoned professionals and high potential candidates. We are an HR outsourcing provider with an exclusive focus on the pharmaceutical industry. We offer complex HR solutions for both international and local clients. We define the unique potential of individuals and recommend areas for further development. We support employer branding and provide professional employee outplacement.

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Why partner with Human Sense

Expert knowledge of the Market

We continuously track and monitor high potential candidates. We know where to find in-demand experts. We also deliver high caliber candidates with transferable skills because with more than 15 years of HR experience we understand successful professional transitions.

Focused Areas of Expertise

We specialize in the pharma industry - biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies. We understand the business and benefit from our established relationships with market leaders.

Complex HR Solutions

Our services cover the complete “life cycle” on an employee - from acquisition, throughout full integration, including career development, and successful outplacement.

How can we help?

Talent Acquisition

You can benefit from our extensive professional network. Do you seek extraordinary leaders and experts in the pharma market? We work with you to define your key candidate selection criteria. With the utmost discretion we approach motivated candidates who meet and exceed your needs. We secure the right talent for your business.

Seeking candidates

Career Transition

Leading employers pride themselves on professional and constructive work transition and termination practices. We will assist your former employees to reenter the labour market, to explore possible career options, to assess specific job opportunities, and to help them start a new career path. Employment termination with mutual respect and adeptness is an essential part of our services. Former employees can become key drivers of positive employer branding.

Outplacement services

HR & Business Consulting

We provide extensive HR & Business Consulting services with an expert team of pharma corporate world professionals. If you are building a start-up, restructuring your company, or changing strategic visions, our experts with international experience will help you reach your desired goals faster.

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